How do you transplant a orbea plant?

As the Orbea variegata is relatively small, if the soil you have tends to compact a lot, make a hole of about 50 x 50cm, plant your orbea in a large pot, and insert it into the hole. Finish filling with fine gravel, volcanic clay or clay.

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How orbea pollinate?

A peculiarity of this plant is undoubtedly the mode of reproduction that occurs through pollination by insects: to attract as many pollinating flies as possible, the flowers emit a smell similar to that of rotting meat, a characteristic that has made earning the Orbea Variegata Read more

Should orbea be watered every day?

Irrigation must be rather scarce, about 2 times a week in summer, and once every 7-10 days the rest of the year. During the winter, you have to water less, about once a month, especially if there are frosts.

Do orbea come back?

Terms and conditions for returns. If you wish to change an item for a different size or colour, you must return it and place a new order. Terms and conditions for returns vary depending on whether you collected the product from an Orbea store or Read more

Which orbea are edible?

Only a few species are used as food, for example the stems of O. lugardii and O. maculata , which are eaten as a vegetable and taste like lettuce.

When orbea bloom?

Typically 2” across with stunningly patterned chocolate/purple/bronze spots surrounding a starred center, blooms appear (after a year or two) from mid-Summer to Fall on soft, succulent, pendant stems to 10”.

Why orbea don’t bloom?

If they receive too much water and sit in overly moist soil for too long, they are very susceptible to root rot - parts of the plant turn to mush. This plant shrivels and loses its vibrancy when in need of water, so make sure Read more

Are orbea poisonous to dogs?

#showy flowers#drought tolerant#large flowers#malodorous#non-toxic for horses#non-toxic for dogs#non-toxic for cats. Flower Description: 3" showy star-shaped flowers with five spotted maroon petals appear late summer to fall.

orbea what soil?

Most species prefer a well-drained, sandy medium consisting of equal parts of washed river sand, potting soil and topsoil. Watering should be adapted according to the natural habitat of the plants.

Can orbea grow indoors?

Orbeas are a genus of succulent plants in the Apocynacea family, they're evergreen- leafless plants native to Africa. A better common name for this Orbea is Carrion Flower or African Carrion Flower. I find this succulent plant to be easy to grow indoors and I Read more

Is orbea good for you?

Yes, Orbea is a very good road bike brand. They're made from advanced carbon and aluminum materials and fitted with the best components around.

Can orbea be planted in the ground?

A mat-forming succulent that can spread on the surface of the soil with no trace of underground rhizomes, this water-wise plant will be an excellent addition to any rockery or succulent garden and is ideal to be used as a ground cover.

Can orbea plants get too much water?

It prefers a well-drained, sandy medium where the soil can dry out. Be extremely cautious about using pots without proper drainage holes, as this can easy retain too much water for too long and cause root rot in your plant.

orbea how to propagate?

Set aside a cutting for a few days for the end to heal, and lay the cuttings on the surface of the potting medium, and press these down so that there is good contact between the stem and the soil. Roots should be established in Read more

How do you help a orbea plant?

They also enjoy some fertilizer. Since roots are quite shallow, use a cactus mix or add extra perlite or pumice to regular soil potting soil. A gritty, very free-draining compost is suitable, and clay pots help the plants to dry out between watering. Re-pot every Read more

How do you identify a orbea?

You'll find the serial number on the Bottom Bracket, or somewhere else on the frame. If that doesn't help try contacting Orbea directly at and see what they can tell you from the serial number - what model it was when it left the Read more

Does orbea attract flies?

Description. Orbea semota is a distinct stapeliad known for the foul smelling flowers that are designed by nature to attract flies for pollination. The fine hairs flickering in the faintest breeze that cover the surface of the flowers, further enhance the resemblance to carrion, perhaps Read more

orbea how to care for?

Keep almost dry in the winter, but water sparingly occasionally to prevent wrinkling. As this plant comes from a winter rainfall area, it should be given a rest period with reduced watering during the summer months. Soil should be well-drained and rich in organic matter.

What is the best time to plant orbea?

Orbea plants prefer early morning or late afternoon sun. They will require much water and soaking the pots. They will tolerate very hot weather outdoors as long as they are kept in filtered light and this will encourage them to flower in the Autumn. They Read more

How much sunlight do orbea plants need?

Exterior: it is a plant that must be in an area where it receives a lot of light, so it is highly advisable to place it in full sun, or at least where they give it a minimum of 4 hours of sun a day.

Do orbea have seeds?

Orbea Variegata * Starfish Flower * Cactus * Stapelias * Orbea * 5 Seeds * Rare. Stapeliads are one of the most interesting groups of succulents-the diversity in shape, colour, size and smell make them an enticing group to collect and grow.

orbea how much water?

With a capacity of 550 ml, the Orbea bottle is designed for demanding cyclists where comfort and versatility are essential during their training sessions. The 550 ml Orbea bottle incorporates a valve specially designed for greater water flow and features a spongy finish for easier Read more

Are orbea perennial?

Orbea schweinfurthii is a mat-forming, succulent perennial with unusual, star-shaped flowers, yellow to brown in color, spotted with wine-red, beige or purple.

Origin of orbea?

Orbea was founded in 1840 by brothers Juan Manuel, Mateo, and Casimiro Orbea in Eibar, Basque Country, Spain. Originally a rifle and gun producer, Orbea exited the gun business and began designing and producing bicycles as Orbea Bicycles in 1930.