persian violet when to plant outside?

Sometimes the plant dies after its first bloom is finished, even within its growing zones. Persian violets are typically planted from nursery plants in the spring as soon as the threat of frost has passed, and they have a fast growth rate.

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Does persian violet like shade?

Light. These plants prefer bright, indirect light to grow and flower at their best. But growing in full sun, especially strong afternoon sun, is too much for them and can scorch their foliage. When grown as a houseplant, a bright south- or west-facing window is Read more

How long do persian violet flowers last?

The Persian violet blooms for about three or four months; after that, it can be difficult to get it to bloom again. A good thought to have with this plant is to enjoy it while you can!

Are persian violet deer resistant?

Persian shield (Strobilanthes atropurpurea) Another show-stopping foliage plant the deer don't like, Persian shield produces purple leaves edged with a silvery grey. Though it tolerates a bit of sun, I grow it as a shade plant in containers as well as in my shade garden.

Should persian violet be fertilized?

Fertilizer: Feed every 2 weeks while the plant is growing and blooming with a balanced (such as 10-10-10 NPK) water-soluble fertilizer. Propagation: Seeds will germinate in 2-3 weeks.

What do you spray persian violet with?

Place wet gravel in a plate under the pot and spray the plant with lime-free water in summer. Fertilize during flowering every 15 days with mineral fertilizer.

Why are persian violet dying?

They are very vulnerable to root rot due to overwatering. But on the other end of the spectrum, they will readily wilt if they are thirsty. This is tricky because root rot also can cause wilting. So if your violet is wilting and the soil Read more

Are persian violet leaves edible?

Violet's Edible Uses The leaves and flowers can be harvested with scissors in a “haircut” style multiple times throughout the spring until the leaves become too fibrous. They will often make a comeback in the fall, with a flush of tender new growth. Violet leaves Read more

Do persian violet bloom all summer?

The plant remains fairly small, but it is quite eye-catching. It sports lots of petite, ovate, glossy dark green leaves. And fragrant, star-shaped, blue-violet flowers with yellow centers bloom profusely mostly in the spring and summer, though a rebloom is possible under optimal growing conditions.

Is persian violet acid loving plants?

The plants grow naturally in rocky soil. They can tolerate a variety of soil types as long as they have good drainage. They also like a slightly acidic soil pH.

persian violet has yellow leaves?

One of the leading causes of yellowing of African Violet leaves is incorrect watering. Yellow Leaves are a simple reaction to overwatering. If the soil remains wet for too long, the leaves will turn bleached and form ring spots on them.

Does persian violet need a lot of water?

Water. Persian violets like soil that is consistently moist but not soggy. And they prefer watering with room-temperature water, as cold water can shock them. They are very vulnerable to root rot due to overwatering.