Does sugarberry like sun or shade?

Sugarberry does best in full sun to full shade with moist, well drained or wet soil. It is tolerant of many soil conditions and moderately tolerant of drought.

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sugarberry where to plant?

Sugarberry is found growing in sandy loam or rocky soils along streams, in bottomlands, and in woodlands.

Is sugarberry a tree?

Sugarberry is a native tree that can grow up to 80 feet in height and up to 3 feet in diameter. It is a short lived tree, probably living not more than 150 years. It has a broad crown formed by spreading branches that are Read more

Can sugarberry survive winter?

It is named for the white markings on its wing. Both of these butterflies survive the winter as adults, spending most of the time sheltering in dry accommodations such as under loose bark, in a woodpile, or in a crevice or hole in a tree.

Do sugarberry come back?

Sugarberry is polygamo-monoecious. The fruit ripens in September and October, and often remains on the trees until midwinter. Mature fruits can be picked by hand from trees as late as midwinter.

Do sugarberry like acidic soil?

Sugarberry will grow in a variety of soil types but grows best in moist, fertile soils in a full sun location, though it will tolerate partial shade. It is sensitive to highly alkaline soils.

Can sugarberry be planted in the ground?

Sugarberry is often used for street planting in the lower South and is also used as an ornamental in residential areas. A problem in such use is that leachates from the leaves reduce germination and growth of a number of grasses under the trees (6).